Your Mind-Body Type: The key to individualizing your Health

In Ayurveda, when mind-body-spirit is in harmony with the nature, one can enjoy optimal health and longevity. This can be achieved by individualizing mind-body-spirit practices by knowing your mind-body type or Dosha.  The mind-body concept is making its way rather rapidly in today’s world in form of complementary and alternative medicine, integrative medicine, and functional medicine. Yet, individualized health is an idea not yet promoted by modern medicine.

Ayurveda is the world’s oldest system of holistic medicine. It originates back to 5,000 years ago. Ayurveda is combination of two Sanskrit words: ‘Ayur’ means life and ‘Veda’ means knowledge/science, the science of life.  Here is a full history of Ayurveda Medicine. Ayurveda is considered as complimentary medicine in US.  So, there are practitioners and physicians that use it on daily basis to enhance health of their patients.

Ayurveda has a 3-step diagnosis process: pulse reading, prakriti (essential nature), and vikriti (deviation from essential nature).  The process goes something like this:  the practitioner reviews your medical history, asks uncomfortable/awkward questions about your digestion and poop, takes/reads your pulse (to confirm Vikriti), determines Virkriti, explains it to you, and prescribes you a diet, lifestyle, and herbal recommendations.  She/ he asks you to see her/him back 2-4 weeks (depends on the state and nature of imbalance).  You might leave her office thinking: ‘how in the world could she find all that out by asking me silly digestion and poop question? And reading my pulse?’

When you go back in after 2-4 weeks, you are feeling amazingly better.  She/he repeats some of the steps like taking your pulse and asking those uncomfortable/awkward digestions and poop questions, and explains her findings to you. This time though, she gives you a diet and lifestyle prescription that is uniquely designed and prepared for YOU, and advises you to adopt it as a way of life for optimal health and longevity.  Interesting right?

You see, Ayurveda states that the human body is comprised of distinct elements present in the nature, and each human being is unique based on the dominant combination of those elements (Dosha: mind-body type) in their mind and body.  These distinct nature’s elements are 5 ether, air, fire, water, and earth.  They combine to constitute Doshas, the elemental composites that govern every structure and function of our psychophysiology (mind-body).

There are 3 Doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

  • Vata is comprised of ether and air; it controls all movements in the body and those racing thoughts in the mind
  • Pitta is comprised of fire and water; it is in-charge of metabolism and transformation in the body, the sharp discernment/intellect in the mind, and deep desires and passion in heart.
  • Kapha is comprised of water and earth; it provides structure and lubrication in the body, and that calm, cool, and collectedness in the mind.

This concept gives a unique map for each individual; therefore allowing for nutrition and lifestyle to be individualized based on person’s mind-body type.  In other words, using nutrition and lifestyle shifts to heal our mind and body. So, now you know why the Ayurveda practitioner knew the ‘why’ behind what was going on with you, and she didn’t have to prescribe you pills to take care of it.

Finding your mind-body type is essential in getting healthy and maintaining good health. It is the missing puzzle piece that can answer the many ‘whys’ behind our symptoms and unwellness; as well as provide us with a map to balance and maintain our health for the rest of our lives.

I encourage you to take the mind-body type  on my website.  You will get a PDF version of the quiz; I recommend you print two copies.  Answer copy #1 as if you were seeing yourself from age 16+ or most of your life. Then answer copy #2 as how you feel now.  This will give you a good sense of where the deviation or imbalance is.  Then, schedule your 45 minute free consult with me to dive deeper into understanding the imbalance and customize a nutrition and lifestyle plan to bring balance to your mind and body.

To your balanced health,

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