First let me congratulate you for nurturing mindfulness, attending to self-care, practicing self-forgiveness, and setting boundaries in the past 4 weeks. This week we embark on last component of cultivating self-love: living with intention. This week, my hope for you is to begin designing a happy & full life that is defined by your intentions only. So, let’s dive in!

What is an intention? Why do we need it?  How do we set it? How does it relate to self-love?

An intention is your guiding standards on how you want to live, be, show up and be seen by others in your life. It is the seed you plant and let grow, so it becomes your creative power map to fulfill your needs in personal life or in business life. 

Setting intentions are the easiest when we know our values, our axioms, and our personal definition of happiness. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do you value most in your life?
  • What are your axioms?
  • What is happiness to you?

Do you know your values, your axioms, and your happiness?  Don’t worry if  you don’t. You are not alone. Mine were passively living in the backgrounds until my mid-30’s. Here is a free PDF guide for you to follow along.

Intentions are most effective when:

  • Written down in positive terms. There is power in that physical pen and paper work, believe me.
  • We remember it often during our restful awareness* times
  • We detach from ‘how’: this keeps us from control of obsessing about how to make it happen
  • We trust the ‘when’: this will shut down the  worry of ‘what can go wrong’

Now, lets imagine these steps with a plant/flower. When you write your intentions down, you are planting the seed of intention into a pot or planter. When you remember it during your restful awareness moments, we expose it to sunshine, water it, and remove the weeds. When we detach and trust, we allow the plant grow into it’s full bloom.

*Restful awareness is a state where the mind is less caught up with internal dialogues of thoughts, emotions, and memories. If your mind is constantly chattering, meditation is an effective tool to get you into the restful awareness state, also known as ‘the gap’. When in the gap, our minds are open to new information. 

When you set intentions, you are consciously co-creating a life that is aligned with values, axioms, and happiness you desire. 

Here are the Action-steps for this week:

  1. Nurture Mindfulness
  2. Practice Self-care: Take 30 minutes out for you to focus on this week’s exercises
  3. Forgive yourself
  4. Set-Boundaries
  5. Define you Values
  6. Define your Axioms
  7. Define Your Happiness
  8. Have Fun with this:  if any point if feels like a chore, let it go. Come back to it later.

This week you get to create your own Mantras:

After you have defined your values, axioms, and happiness; create mantras for each category to use to design your most fulfilled life map. Here is a fill in the blank Map.

I must say, it was a pleasure hosting this five-week challenge, I hope it has made a difference in your life. And, please share this with a friend of family!

Here is a meditation for this week:

Be mindful, practice self-care, forgive yourself, set-boundaries, and live intentionally!

♥  Happy Living with Intention  ♥