This week we are going to focus on exercising self-care. Now, what is self-care?  There is no one definition for self-care. It varies from person to person, culture to culture … etc.  As you know, I am also a mother. When I had my first child, I experienced love, falling in love, and being in love for the first time. I had this internal shift. I took an oath to be fully present with my little one every moment of every day, treat him from the start as a whole person, and nurture him as a whole person. Now, what do I mean as a whole person?

As individual persons our health and wellness is not only physical, but a balance between multi-aspects of wellness. These aspects include our physical, emotional, social, intellectual, vocational, and spiritual wellness. When these wellness aspects are in balance, we feel whole —> I so love this word ‘Whole’ 🙂

Now, WHOLE does not mean PERFECT. Being perfect is an insatiable stride of constant fault finding and flaw seeking – yet not getting anywhere with correcting them, because faults and flaws never end. Whole is a state of contentment with love for self and others.

So, how does all this relate to self-care?  Well, it is greatly related. Lets just take 2 fundamental aspects of wellness for example:

  • Your physical health depends on good nutrition, physical exercise, and restful sleep.
  • Your emotional health depends on quality of your thoughts & feelings about you and your life, which include how good you feel about you, about your life, about your relationships, about challenges in your life, your coping ability with those challenges, stress management … etc.

Lets suppose you have taken care of your physical body needs, you feed it with balanced nutrition, regularly exercise, and sleep for 7 hours plus every night. Yet, you wish you had slimmer belly or rounder butt that looked like ______! So, you feel depressed and keep fixing and altering here and there. Or you do the total opposite, you overeat and then you go to the gym out of guilt of eating too much and over-exercise while self-criticize!  In either of these situations  Are you exercising self-care? NO!  Self-care is not a reward for being bad or feeling bad!  Self-care is an exercise of love for yourself and towards yourself. 

So, let us begin with action steps for this week:

  1. Nurture Mindfulness (review week 1 for Action Steps) Stop –> Pause –>Reset
  2. Do one thing that enhances your physical wellness: replace one sweet food with a handful of cashews; add 10 – 15 minutes of a movement around your daily activity, and go to sleep 15-30 minutes earlier every night.
  3. Observe your self-talk about you and your life. Use Stop –> Pause –> Reset to reframe negative thought patterns (see Week 1 for link for more information).
  4. Remember: You are Awesome! xoxo

This week’s Mantra:


Videos for this week:

 ♥ Happy Exercising Self-Care ♥