Today, I want you to shift your focus towards a different kind of self-love.  A self-love that is much deeper and more nourishing than many of your activities. A self-love practice that empowers you to love yourself from inside out, a loving relationship between you and your ‘self’ by Nurturing Mindfulness!

So, what’s Mindfulness? How does one become Mindful? How does one nurture it?  

Mindfulness is simply being aware of the present moment. However, it is not as simple of a task as its definition. You see, we think anywhere between 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day, about 35-45 thoughts per minute … can you imagine that … that’s some amount of thoughts, isn’t it?  Here is the amazing thing: about 95% of these thoughts are the same thoughts as the day before, which were the thoughts of the day before that day … and so on. In other words, 95% of our thoughts are thoughts we have been thinking for almost a lifetime. They are repetitive and automated, running in the background while we live. Whaaaat?  Now, stay here in this ‘Whaaaat?’ for at least 20-30 seconds. Really reflect upon this new awareness: 95% of your thoughts are dictating your daily motion! That’s your mindset – the little voice in your head! Amazing, right?

You just experienced a taste of ‘Mindfulness’

To become Mindful is to simply become aware of your emotions in the moment. Your feelings are the best indicator of what you are thinking. Once you become aware of the thoughts that trigger certain emotions, you can easily shift the quality of those thoughts to design the emotion you desire to experience. Here are the three steps to just do that:

Stop –> Pause –> Reset

Every emotion you feel has a thought/thoughts associated with it. And, you are able to change that thought by just following the above three simple steps.

So, now let’s focus on Nurturing Mindfulness for this week:

  1. Slow Down, especially when you are feeling down emotionally
  2. Become aware of your mood: What are you feeling?
  3. Become aware of the thought(s) triggering this emotion/mood: What thoughts are you thinking?
  4.  Become aware of the quality of your thoughts: Is it positive or negative? Is it uplifting or depressing?
  5. Become Mindful: Let the thoughts be a lesson, don’t judge them. Instead, focus on ‘How do you want to feel?’ + ‘What can you do to create that feeling?’ + ‘What anchor* can you associate with this feeling?’ *(an anchor is a mental reminder, a song, a piece of jewelry, certain scent, etc…that reminds you of the desirable emotion) 
  6. Enjoy the process

Action Steps:

  1. Keep a journal & a pen by your bed
  2. Write down 1-2 thoughts you want to transform every night
  3. Repeat this Mantra to yourself upon waking:  I choose to be present in all that I do today! Breathe … Repeat Mantra … Breathe … Repeat Mantra … Breathe!  

Here is a Guided Meditation Video/Audio to follow along:

♥ Happy Practicing & Nurturing Mindfulness