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Before working with Mahmooda, I was struggling with gas, bloating, and indigestion. After working with her for 6-weeks, I have such a calm tummy and I have developed a keen sense of eating for my digestion type. Highly recommend working with Mahmooda for personalizing your diet and live your uniqueness.
Michelle B.
I used to suffer from breakouts, heavy and irregular periods, and irritability before and during my cycles. After working with Mahmooda, I’m no longer dreading ‘that time of the month’. My cycles are normal, I can actually mark it on calendar now. It’s been such a peace of mind. Thank you Mahmooda.
Amanda O.
Personal Trainer
Mahmooda is caring, compassionate, and witty. Speaking with her brings me calm, clarity, and direction. I highly recommend enrolling in her coaching programs for women.
Loretta D.
I worked with Mahmooda about a year ago. I was then struggling with yo-yo dieting, weight issues, infertility, and so much anxiety about future. After working with her for 12-weeks, I was a different person. I had a clear idea of what to eat, I was was down 4-dress sizes, and was planning getting pregnant with my partner. Surprise: I am mommy to a 2-month-old precious little girls now.
Anita S.
in Fall of 2018, I decided to hire Mahmooda to get coached on naturally treating hot flashes, heart burn, and severe headaches. In 6-weeks time, I was having less and less heart burn episodes. In the following 6-weeks, my headaches were gone, heart burn was gone, and I am enjoying summer for the first time in 5 years. Thank you M.
Valerie B.
Physician Assistant
Mahmooda Listens compassionately, she hears the deep subtleness of what’s expressed on surface. She’s a truly gifted coach, I recommend her services to any woman whose seeking holistic healing.
Cassandra V.
I did a pulse reading session with Mahmooda. I was amazed by the amount of information about my health she could convey by just putting her fingers on my pulse. She gave me a diet and routine recommendation to balance my Vata, and in 2-weeks, I noticed such a difference in my focus and concentration as well as digestion. Mahmooda is my go-to person for integrative-holistic medicine. I recommend my friends as well as other women to use her services for natural healing.

Vicki M.
Fitness Trainer

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