Spring Detox in the Air

Spring is a time of renewal. Nature is ready to bloom and give birth to its all different creatures and colors. Spring is also a natural time to clear away toxins to give our bodies a tune-up for the seasons ahead.  A spring detox is one of the most effective ways to clean house inside and out, helping our body’s natural filters (liver, kidneys, colon, lymphatic system) get rid of Ama – congested metabolic waste.

There is a detox and cleanse war in the cyber space and beyond, how do you know which one to choose?  The answer is simple: our bodies are naturally in-sync with the nature, so spring foods are plentiful during the season to help you detox.  These foods include spinach, lettuce, asparagus, celery, berries, cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and bitter greens like kale, dandelion greens, and chard. Combine these seasonal blisses with lentils and some bone broth, and you have got yourself a perfect spring detox recipe.

However, approaching Spring Detox in a directive manner for a limited period of time is more effective than going off on a detox binge of seasonal foods for the entire season.  This directive approach is not a juice detox or protein shake detox or some deprivation detox. As a matter of fact, any juicing or deprivation diet cloaked under the name of detox or cleanse can throw your body off balance, and cause havoc in nervous system and organ systems, leaving you mentally fatigued, physically starved with cravings of all sorts, and emotionally depleted – let alone the money you spent on getting the fancy blenders and shakes mixes …etc.

Really think about it: a detox is supposed to improve your mental, emotional, and physical health, right? Here is an illustration:

Detox Cycle

Ayurvedic Detox Cycle


Old traditions or systems of Medicine, like Ayurveda, address Spring Detox in a holistic manner for a limited period of time. This time allows the body to reboot itself on the cellular level, enlivening body’s natural healing, and enhancing physiological and psychological detox and functioning thereafter.  There is no starvation, deprivation, juicing, or shakes involved. You consume real food, and you feel satiated throughout the detox that coming out of it feels like a rebirth rather than ‘thank God this is over!!!  I am having that whole Large-3-topping Pizza all to myself.’ J

So here is what happens during an Ayurvedic Spring detox:

  1. You eat three satiating meals per day – no snacking between meals
  2. You adopt a specific routine and follow it to the best of your ability
  3. You train your bowel movements
  4. You become self-aware and introspective
  5. You release undigested and unprocessed emotions
  6. You become a Zen master at calming your monkey mind
  7. You cultivate loving relationship
  8. You look forward to take a day off from your phone and other electronics
  9. Your waist feels slimmer, your clothes feels looser, and your feel more fitter
  10. You Heal your skin issues, digestive issues, allergies, water retention, puffiness, and hormonal issues*
  11. Your Sleep better and wake up more refreshed
  12. You begin enjoying and thriving in life

{To get a glimpse of this experience, join me here for a FREE 5-Day Wholistic-Detox.  During this challenge we will address one aspect of your ‘being’ and focus on three action steps pertaining to that aspect to bring balance to it.}

The Ayurvedic Spring detox takes as little as 3-days, and as long as 28-days depending on your health goals. But, it’s not recommended to be continued beyond 28-days or repeated again in a year.  So here is what the detox entails:

  • You follow a detox routine – by routine I mean certain morning and evening practices
  • You follow a specific diet (Kitcheree: mung bean porridge) for 3 days: you have three satiating meals with no snacking in between the meals
  • You eliminate gluten, dairy, sugar, and snacking for the 3 days

Side-effects of this Kitchree Cleanse may include:

  • Improved digestion
  • Clear skin
  • Gained energy
  • Enhanced mental balance
  • Enhanced emotional balance
  • Lack of anxiety
  • improved sleeping
  • Loss of sugar cravings

Join the FREE challenge to begin your first 3 days on this detox.  In the 3 days you might feel some different or you may not, continue on for the next couple of days. To experience the best results, I invite you to sign up for my 5-Week Wholistic Spring Detox Program starting April 24th, 2019. This program will be a LIVE Workshop Type Course, classes will be held LIVE in a Private Facebook Group.  This is a once a year opportunity, and since I believe detoxes should be life-changing, healing, rejuvenating, and affordable; I have priced the 5-week Wholisitc Detox Program at a fraction of what it’s worth, so everyone could have access to improving their health and beginning their healing journey today!

To your best health,

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