WholeWise2WholeFit’s Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach facilitates habit change via individual and group Coaching.   WholeWise2WholeFit’s Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach does not diagnose or treat disease, prescribe medication, or perform the functions of clinical occupations.   Always consult your physician and stay on medication prescribed by your physician while working with a holistic practitioner or WholeWise2WholeFit.

WholeWise2WholeFit’s Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach is happy to work with your physician’s guidance to best support your whole health and well-being.

Any and all content provided on this Website or the Services, including links to other websites are provided for information purposes only and do not constitute medical advice, recommendation or support of such content or website, or clients-coach relationship.

WholeWise2WholeFit.com makes every effort to provide true and accurate content on its Website. However, WholeWise2WholeFit.com provides no warranty, express or implied, of the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, or applicability of such content. WholeWise2WholeFit accepts no responsibility for and excludes all liability in connection with information provided on WholeWise2WholeFit’s website, including but not limited to any liability for errors, inaccuracies or omissions.

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