We are more than halfway through the Spring, and summer is right around the corner. I remember running a detox course less than a month ago, as I delivered the LIVE classes weekly and listened to all the attendees, there was more focus on ‘losing the weight’ than feeling better and amazing during and after the detox.  I’m leaving the detail of that for another post, but am eager to share how decluttering your diet can help you lose weight. Here are eight ways you can begin this journey:

  1. Take an inventory of your kitchen: I believe your health begins at home, in your kitchen. The decisions you make in the kitchen writes your health story for good or otherwise. What’s in your pantry? What’s in your refrigerator?
  2. Plan Ahead: Invest some time on the weekend to create a meal schedule. Pre-planning your meals and shopping ahead will keep you mindful about creating balanced-nutritious meals, and help you avoid overstocking your pantry and fridge.
  3. Lighten your Grocery Load: Have a snack before heading out for grocery shopping; remember that fresh-whole foods are kept in the perimeters of the grocery store; and fill at least third of your shopping cart with fruits (low GI) and Vegetables.
  4. Cook like your Grandma:  keep the ingredients simple, clean, and fresh. Opt for homestyle cooking that include stews, soups, and sauces.  Skipping processed and packaged foods means you’d have control over what goes in your body.
  5. SKIP Snacking: Opt for three wholesome healthy meals.  There is a trend of snacking in our culture that may not be serving your weight loss journey.  Think about it, the reason we’re a fat nation is because of sugar dysregulation. Snacking only feeds elevated insulin levels, keeping that sugar roller coaster going.
  6. Embrace hearty salads and one-pot meals: there is nothing more satisfying than a hearty green salad for lunch or coming home to a crockpot-ready hearty soup or stew.  They are simple, can be made ahead of time, filling, satisfying, and simply healthy.
  7. Distract the green-eye-monster: When you are craving something ‘unhealthy’, look the other way; close your eyes and breathe for a minute or two, get up and stretch or go for a walk. If the craving is so strong that you cannot deter it, indulge in it – considering it’s a once in a blue moon indulgence, of course.
  8. Make a list of boredom busters for yourself: Did you know the number one cause of overeating is boredom?  So, have a list and strategy in place to nip boredom in the bud.

Bonus tip: Practice all things ‘Mindful’ … breathe, walk, cook, Work, Play, and most importantly eat mindfully  😉   Take these tips and implement them slowly and steadily … remember the fact that we’re creatures of habit. It’s true that old habits are challenging to break; it’s also true that new habits are very much possible to build, maintain, and automatize.  The key is to have goals, be proactive, and stay consistent.

I am doing a series of LIVE videos this week and in the coming weeks to empower you with well-researched education on losing weight in a way that’s sustainable and permanent. So be sure to head on over to my Facebook business page to tune in to watch and ask questions.

To your best health,

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