5 Steps Eat your way to a Flatter Belly

Summer is officially here. The hot summer days, the pool parties, the BBQ parties, the beach, the cute outfits and swim suits, and so much that’s associated with summer.  While it is a wonderful time to enjoy the beautiful hot weather, nice company, great food and fun, it’s dreadful to feel self-conscious in summer outfits or swimsuits because of that belly pouch 🙂

Weight affects us women in many different ways, especially the weight around the waist or the belly fat.  According to research, women with belly fat have 10%-20% more risk of heart attack than women who don’t.  In addition, research indicates that belly fat puts women at greater risk of heart attack comparing to men (1). Besides being a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and type II Diabetes, belly fat can also be a source of mental and emotional distress.  The fact is, having belly fat has a biochemical and neuro-dendrochronological underlying causes, and it’s very possible to correct it, and lose it for good. So how do you lose it?

There are always a few components that work systematically to promote weight loss or belly fat loss.  I’m going to share one of the most important and crucial components of the system to help start the process of losing belly fat immediately: Mindful Eating.  It sounds simple and too good to be true … but mindful eating is a crucial habit you can develop to help you melt that stubborn belly fat.  So, here are the steps:

Step 1. The What?

Whenever eating is involved, we ask WHAT to eat?  Mindful eating begins with selecting and preparing your food from natural sources. One of the most researched and well-documented choice of diet is the wholefood plant-based choice.  It’s a diet choice that promotes health at the cellular level, in other words heals at the core.  In my coaching programs, I teach my clients how to transition from Standard American Diet (SAD Diet) to wholefood plant-based diet.  Please keep in mind, my approach doesn’t promote veganism; most of my clients learn to swap their meat, egg, and other animal products to a quality choice. For example:  instead of grade A beef, they switch to grass-fed beef, or wild turkey, bison, or buffalo.

Step 2. The When?

Eat your breakfast only when hungry. Eat lunch between 12:00-2:00pm, make it your main and largest meal. Eat dinner by 6:00pm, make it light and easily digestible like a bowl of soup.  I recommend you drop snacking totally.  Stick with three meals only.

Step 3. The Where?

Anywhere that’s quiet, relaxing, and distraction-free environment. Now, you need to put your self-smart skills to work here and figure what quiet, relaxing, and distraction-free environment means to you!  For instance, if conversations during meals distract you and cause you distress then you many not want to be around conversations while eating your meals. So, cell phones silent, beepers off, and you only connect with your food.

Step 4. The How?

Imagine a clean + appealing place mat or beautiful serving tray, a pretty plate/bowl and utensils and a napkin, put candles or flowers as well …  this sets the stage for the mind to look forward to what’s being presented – the meal.  1. Make the presentation appealing, 2. Deliberately engage your senses, 3. Put your fork down between bites, and 4. Chew well before swallowing.

Step 5. The Who?

That’s you my friend.  Make each meal an experience of a ‘me time’ – Get really present with yourself, practice a minute or two of pranayama’s to help you get there, and engage all your senses – drool over it!  One of the most important benefits of this practice is activation of parasympathetic nervous system: the rest and digest response. So, you’ll eat more for satiety than for filling yourself up because its breakfast time or lunch time or dinner time. It’ll make you aware of your digestive tract and your body’s need for food. You’ll become aware of your body’s natural physical hunger and satiety signals.

Now imagine applying these steps one by one with a system, support, and accountability; and really begin to see a flatter belly in as little as 6-weeks?  Can you see yourself with a flatter belly in 6 Weeks from today?  Would you like to?

I want to take this opportunity to share with you my new program:  6-Week Eat Your Way to Flatter Belly – a sure way to get rid of Belly Fat for good.  You can sign up for the course here, or schedule a FREE Consult call.  As a matter of fact, I highly recommend scheduling a consult call so you get all your questions answered, get clear about your health goal, discuss your health struggles … etc.  Most importantly, I encourage you to schedule the call to get a taste of a coaching session for FREE, and evaluate if we’re a good fit for one another as coach and client.

I’m looking forward to be part of your healing journey with you.

To your best health,

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