What diet is in trend this month?

We live in a society where a new ‘diet’ is introduced on constant basis. This trend has been leaving so many confused about weight loss and food choices, and has left many slaves to the scale. As a matter of fact, diets and weight loss have become a new form of stress in our society; a form of stress that has only had adverse effects. So, the question is now: is there a way to lose weight without jumping from diet to diet yet stay sane, and maintain weight loss in the process?  There is – and it has been tried and tested for over 5,000 years.

It’s Ayurvedic weight loss and health for longevity, vitality, and joy.  It’s a system of wisdom-based practices that keep you in shape, sane, and balanced through simple and practical guidelines aligning YOU with rhythms of nature, time of the day, and harvest seasons.  So, here 10 Ayurvedic tips for lasting Weight Loss you can apply as soon as you read them to start seeing results:

  1. Drink a large glass of warm water with Lemon juice first thing in the morning! This will awaken your digestive system and get it revved up for the day.
  2. Exercise until you break a sweat! Do this first thing in the morning, and make sure you start slow if you have not exercised before.  Remember, weight-bearing exercises done in burst are more effective than cardio alone. So incorporate some weight resistance training with your cardio – try push up and planks, your own body weight should be sufficient for starters.
  3. Relax, Stretch, and Meditate!  After your exercise session, stretch and breathe for a bit (5-10 minutes), then sit in meditation to really relax and quiet down your mind and body.
  4. Eat 3 Satiating meals without snacking! Have your breakfast when you are hungry, make it filling but not heavily filling. Make lunch your biggest meal between 12-2pm, and dinner lightest meal by 7pm.  NO Snacking in between meals.
  5. Eat with the Season’s Harvest! There are 3 Harvest Seasons: Spring (March – June), Summer (July – September), and Fall (October-February) – the months do not correlate with our yearly calendar.  Mother nature provides us with a variety of fruits, vegetables, and grains during those period that are both beneficial for our microbiome and our overall health.
  6. Meal with Six Tastes: Sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter, and astringent! Incorporate all six tastes into your daily meals. Why? Sweet, sour and salty tastes are anabolic in nature, they tend to lag or slow down our mind and bodies.  These tastes need their counterpart catabolic tastes pungent, bitter, and astringent to balance them out.
  7. Take a short break then Stroll after meals! Sit for a bit after each meal (5-10 minutes) to boost digestion. Then, move for the next 10-20 minutes to really get that digestion working for you. Now, this is a gentle – moderate pace walk type movement, not vigorous running around.
  8. Wake up before the sunrise and Sleep after the sundown! Let me elaborate on this alittle – I am sure you wouldn’t want to sleep at 5:00pm on winter nights.  Wake up by 6:00am and sleep by 10:00pm. This will allow for a good night’s sleep, as well as detoxification processes that take place during sleep both on mental and physical levels.
  9. Know your MIND-BODY type! This will allow you to individualize your nutrition, lifestyle habits, and life in general – allowing  you to not only stay mentally and physically fit, but also add the elements of vitality and longevity to that fitness.
  10. Detox at least once a year!  In Ayurveda, the concept of detox is one of healing and rejuvenating practice.  A yearly detox gives your mind and body the tune-up it  needs to function at it’s optimal level throughout the year.  Eventhough, the recommendation is to detox with the change of each seasons (Summer and Fall season detoxes are as short as 4-days or up to a week long);  don’t miss out the most comprehensive detox of the seasons, the Spring Detox – which last upto 4 weeks. Because Spring is the season of renewal and rebirth, you would want to give your mind and body this rejuvenating and healing break for sure.

These tips aren’t expensive, don’t require tremendous effort, or even aren’t time consuming … they are simple, practical, and possible!  They do need your commitment though. How do you get committed to implement these steps into your daily routine?  Start making goals and plan a route to get there. Partner up with a friend or family or someone who can cheer you along – like a health coach.  Most of all, enjoy the process. Health and wellness is not a destination, it’s a journey of proactive choices on daily basis.

To your best health,


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