One whose Doshas are balanced, Whose digestive fire (Agni) is balanced, Whose bodily tissues (Dhātus) and elimination processes (Malas) are functioning normally, And whose senses (Indriya), mind (Manas), and Self (Ātmā) are filled with bliss, Such a one is called a healthy person.

-SushrutaSamhita, Su. 15.38

It’s easier than ever to get sick in today’s rigorous world. Isn’t it?


On one hand, we have the demand of 21st century’s highly stressful careers and sedentary lifestyle that’s leaving us sleepless and lacking energy!  Substitutes like coffee or sweet snacks every few hours have become the ‘norm’ to maintain our wakefulness and regulate our energy levels…


On the other hand, we have an abundant access to preserved, processed, and pre-prepared-packaged foods; combine that with our exposure to high load of environmental toxins causing havoc in our physiology manifesting as hormonal imbalances, autoimmune diseases, and mystery illnesses.


Then, add the ‘quick-fix’ mentality supported by numerous diet  programs with fancy names, keeping the imbalanced physiology on the hamster wheel of yo-yo dieting without sustainable results, leaving most of us feeling like a failure and fatter than before.


Top that with a system of medicine thats focused on managing disease symptoms with pills, and merely look for or address the underlying cause of disease … 


This depicted scenario has made us a dis-eased nation. On the physical level we feel it as symptoms. On the mental level we feel it as confusion. On the emotional level we feel it as exhaustion/depletion.


We get a diagnosis, we are prescribed a drug, we go on our way. After a while we experience new symptoms caused by prescribed medicine’s  side effects, we go back for a new diagnosis … and the cycle continues … I don’t think we are meant to live a life managed by pills.


What if I told you there is another way! A simple, practical, natural, and effective way …


How would you like to end this ‘many battles’ of modern day life:

  • The many symptoms
  • The lack of energy & fatigue
  • The brain fog & lack of mental clarity
  • The constant ‘dieting’ roller coaster ride
  • Feeling disconnected

How would you like to put an end to it all by simply practicing daily behavioral routine that cover all aspects of your health nutrition, stress resilience, restorative sleep, movement and fun that are UNIQUE to YOU …


How is this possible?  


Through a holistic system of ancient medicine, Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old system of ancient medicine rooted in India. Ayur means life and veda mean knowledge or science. So, Ayurveda literally means science of life. Ayurveda is called the mother of all healing sciences, because every healing science branches out of it. Today, this remarkable system is practiced world-wide as a complimentary approach to modern medicine. 


Ayurveda considers each individual as being unique, having a specific Prakriti (constitution). This constitution is made up of a combination of the 5 elements of the nature and known as Doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) having unique qualities making each individual uniquely different from the other.  An individual may be predominant in one dosha or two or equally three; however, all three Doshas are present in every individual’s constitution. They carry physical actions and processes as well as mental and emotional ones.


Here’s a visual of the 5 elements, the 10 pairs of qualities transforming in to three doshas, and then the three doshas manifesting in human mind and body:



Our unique Dosha not only reveals what mind-body type we are, it’s also a blueprint for individualized nutrition, lifestyle, and behaviors choices that support the unique mind-body type in achieving and maintaining optimal health, vitality, and longevity.



To learn about your unique mind-body type, click on the button below to download a PDF quiz.


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